Akal International Gurmat Youth Camp, General Information

1Daily TIME TABLE ( excluding Sundays)
5:00-6:15am Nitnem Nitnem
6:15-8:30am Rest Rest
8:30-9:00am Breakfast Breakfast
9:00-9:45am Punjabi/santhya Kirtan/Tabla
9:45-10:30am Kirtan/Tabla Punjabi/Santheya
10:30-11:00am Sikh History Sikh History
11:00-11:15am Refreshment Refresment
11:15-12:00noon Visit to Baba ji/ Gatka Punjabi/Santhya
12:00-12:45pm Punjabi/Santhya Visit to Baba Ji/Gatka
12:45-1:15pm Lunch Lunch
1:15-3:15pm Rest Rest
3:15-3:30pm Snacks Snacks
3:30-4:15pm Spoken Punjabi Kirtan/Tabla
4:15-5:00pm Kirtan/Tabla Spoken Punjabi
5:00-6:00pm Rehraas Sahib Rehraas Sahib
6:00-7:10pm Sports Sports
7:10-7:20pm Wash Up for Dinner Wash up for Dinner
7:20-7:50pm Dinner Dinner
7:50-8:20pm Sada Virsa Sada Virsa
8:20-8:50pm Interaction with Students/Parents/Volunteers Interaction with Students/Parents/Volunteers
8:50-9:00pm Get Set Get Set
9:00pm Sohila Sahib Sohila Sahib
9:15pm Lights off Lights off
2What is the ratio of adults to children?
Out of the 100 places 80 places are children on the camp site, but at the camp every child will get his own personal tutor. So each camper will have 1 to 1 teaching.
3Are all the children's parents accompanying them?
Not all parents accompany the children; we have a large number of children/youth going on their own as it adds to the experience
4Are the adults and children in the same sleeping area?
Boys and girls are divided in to their own areas, and adults can share rooms with their own children if they wish otherwise they can have their own room.
5 Is there provision of bed linen and towels?
Bed linen is changed frequently; also extra linen is provided if needed. We recommend you bring your own towels, but towels can also be provided if needed
6Are there proper (chair height seat toilets)?
Yes, all bathrooms, showers and toilets are English style and are very clean.
7What is the provision for showering and washing clothes?
All rooms are have their own bathrooms with hot water. A laundry service is put in place every day. All you have to do is leave your clothes outside your room in the morning and they will be returned washed and ironed the evening. Please label your clothes!!!
8What is the provision for meals etc.?
English and Indian meals are set; we have our own canteen with our own chefs who will produce English and Indian food, 3 meals a day and snacks in between classes.
9What kind of clothing is acceptable? Is a decent European garb acceptable?
Baru sahib has no strict dress code, respectable clothes can be worn, during the week you will be required to wear a uniform consisting of white and blue bana, which will be given you to when you arrive, in your size ext. these also will be yours to keep. English clothes can be worn when on Sundays or for sports. We recommend that you bring one "wet kit" and a waterproof jacket for activities.
10Do you have a set itinerary for each day?
Each day has been planned Monday to Saturdays will be set education; Sundays are free for trips and outings to surrounding cities and areas.
11Is the camp linked to the Gurdwara programme?
The Camp is linked to the Gurdwara programs i.e., amrit vela and rehrass every day.
12Do the campers join in the Langar and other sewa?
Campers do join traditional langar, normally twice a week. Also campers have the chance to do sewa Inc. Ardaas, hukham-nama, Kirtan, langar, etc.
13 Is sewa a big part of the whole programme?
Sewa is a big part of the program as we will have our own Darbar sahib, within that Darbar mainly in the evenings all Kirtan, path, Ardaas etc. will be done by our campers. Everyone will be encouraged to do each sewa.
14What if one is unable to take part?
If you are unable to take part for any reason that is fine, we will not be forcing anyone to do anything they do not want to.
15What happens if someone falls ill?
Within Baru Sahib Campus, there is a hospital and Dr's available 24/7. For the camp we have allocated 2 doctors to serve you for any kind of illness. Be assured that all water food and accommodation is up to a very good standard.
16Will there be any hidden costs?
There are no Hidden costs, unless you do any shopping for yourself i.e. presents.
17Does one need emergency funds and if so how much?
In case of any emergency we will be with you at all times. It is advisory to take £100 English pounds with you, as you can exchange money at the bank in Baru Sahib.
18Will it be possible to have a day or so to step away from the programme?
It is possible to have a day away from the program only if required as an emergency. We will be staying together at all times, therefore if needed you may discuss this with a sewadhar.
19If one wants their family in India to join them - what is the arrangement in terms of cost and board and lodging arrangements?
If you have family who wants to visit you during the Camp you must let us know asap. We will arrange a room and accommodation for them to stay in. it is advisory to make all visits during the weekends as weekdays is purely for your education.
20Finally, is it acceptable to give the Baru Sahib address for visa obtainment?
Yes the following address is fine to use. Akal Academy, Baru Sahib, Via Rajgarh District Sirmour, Himachal Pardesh - 173101 – India

Things to Pack

■ Several Pagris/Patkas/Chunnis (minimum 2 each)
■ Kurta and Pajamas/ Salwar Kameezs for day trips (minimum 2 each)
■ A pair of pants/jeans (no shorts or crop pants) and t-shirt for the picnic.
■ 2-3 night suits
■ Light jacket
■ Sneakers/ Trainers
■ Bath /shower rubber soled shoes (flip flops)
■ Easy to slip on and off, sturdy, comfortable day shoes / sandals.
■ Toiletries / personal hygiene items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc).
■ Insect repellent
■ Prescribed medication , inc details of medication
■ Labeled Laundry bag
■ Four day supply of undergarments, socks, cloth hankies etc.
■ 2 Bath towels and 2 hand towels
■ 1 refillable water bottle
■ 1 backpack with a pocket for a water bottle


1. All personal items and articles of clothing must be labeled with the attendee’s name using a permanent marker.
2. Avoid bringing clothing where the colors run during washing. Laundry will be done at least twice a week.
3. Bring clothes that are appropriate to wear at this location.
4. Campers will be responsible for their own belongings and are discouraged from bringing jewelry etc.
5. Campers will be provided camp uniforms.